Meaty Treats

Our meaty treats were developed with our fundamental DO GOOD philosophy at heart, “better for your dog” treats, that are nutritious, rich in protein, easy to digest and will give your dog healthy sustained energy.  With a focus on limiting the amount of ingredients to only the best, no fillers and nothing artificial – ‘less is definitely more’ for your pet’s health and happiness.

Who doesn’t love the mouth-watering smell, taste and texture of slow-smoked Canadian bacon?  What about gently cooked, delicious and delectable chicken strips? Not to mention, what about the BBQ aromas, that are associated with natural, juicy grilled beef sliders?

Yessiree, we have Simply Pets Chicken Strips, Simply Pets Beef Sliders and Simply Pets Bacon, Eh? to satisfy your dog’s cravings and make them ask for more.

We have developed these new treats making Canadian dogs enjoy flavours that are so closely linked to our Canadian culture.



Ground oat groats are a fantastic grain for your dog.  The ground oat groats are higher in protein and fiber, lower in carbohydrate calories and a great natural source of iron, manganese, zinc and B vitamins as well as essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Beef liver is nature’s superfood, densely packed with just about every nutrient, including heavy does of B vitamins and loaded with minerals and fat-soluble vitamins.  All very good for your dog.

Our gentle ‘slow smoking’ cooking process unleashes flavours naturally while maintaining a texture that dogs love to chew.