Grain-Free Dental Chews

Nobody likes bad breath.  Especially, when it’s your dog’s breath.  Your dog needs your help to make sure his or her oral health is in the best possible shape to lead a healthy life.  Our grain-free dental chews are hand-rolled in small batches, designed with unique texture that dogs love to chew! With delicious all-natural ingredients, these dental chews support clean teeth and fresh breath.

The grooves and bumps on the chews works well to eliminate plaque.  The dental treats have human grade quality ingredients, rich in protein, with nothing artificial and free of grain, wheat, corn and soya.  So, not only, are these treats nutritious and help maintain good oral health, they are also easy to digest.  Two sizes are available, smaller chews for small and medium sized breeds and a larger chew for bigger breeds.

Available in 2 sizes for optimal cleaning.


Dogs that chew more often have less plaque build-up on their teeth.  Dog dental chews make a big difference and play a role in maintaining good oral health.

It’s not uncommon for a dog’s breath to be slightly unpleasant. One reason why dogs have bad breath is that there is build up of saliva and bacteria. Dental chews are formulated to eliminate bacteria and improve your dog’s breath.