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3 thoughts on “Simply Pets

  1. Way to go Don and everyone involved. I know were and what dog treats I will be buying from now on. It is just heartbreaking to see how some animals are treated and I am proud of you Don for careing

  2. I cannot state how great this collaboration is between Don Cherry & Simply Pet to form a partner-ship & try & help out animals in distress .
    I am an animal rights activist that has spent my entire life trying too help out all animals wild & domestic .
    Thank -You for trying to make a difference in this sick & cruel world in which we all live .

  3. I must say Don Cherry is a good man who cares for animals he loves his dogs & he hates to see animals suffer .
    Cherry has done a good thing uniting with Simply Pet to create a network to help out animals in distress .
    Way to Go Do Cherry you not only know hockey but you know your dogs as well lmao !

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